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Young men suffering from precocious or early ejaculations will benefit from KLIP’DOMM since now, all he needs to think about is giving great pleasure to his partner, and himself, since he no longer has to dwell on having a limp penis during intercourse.


You can’t get an erection? Leave the taboos aside!


One out of five men experience loss of sexual desire and only 10% of them actually seek out medical advice. This lessened desire can weigh heavily on a man who perceives the sexual act as a virility test that he’s scared of failing.


Another false taboo is sexuality among seniors. Did you know that 2/3 of 70 year old men and 1/3 of women have an active sex life?


KLIP’DOMM can be used by any man suffering from erection problems.


KLIP’DOMM may be used by young men who suffer from precocious ejaculations since their worries are relieved and they only have to concentrate on their partner’s pleasure.


Sexual desire is ageless! But if a man feels less assured because he can’t get a good erection, he becomes less sexually engaged so his partner starts to feel less seductive as well. There are several erectile drugs available on the market but they all can have undesirable side effects.


KLIP’DOMM doesn’t need any drugs – its lightweight, open structure allows natural friction to occur which stimulates a natural erection. So a man with a relatively limp penis, can easily indulge in having sex and actually feel his sex rubbing his partner’s which will enhance a stronger erection during lovemaking. Even if you need some additional assistance to maintain the KLIP’DOMM in place, the belt provided will work perfectly.


A fulfilling sex life is a guarantee of longevity and youth. The hormones released during sexual intercourse help protect against breast and prostate cancer.

Among the 5 tips from Dr. Caron to stay young: Make Love!

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